About Amy

As I see an increasing number of outside visitors to Amy in Malawi, I thought I should add a page about myself.

So, who is Amy?  Here’s a brief bio.

Originally from a farm near Lenox, Iowa, I ventured to the east coast for college at Cornell University.  This piqued my interest in adventure, and I’ve since lived and worked (for varying amounts of time) in Iowa, Colorado, and Washington, DC.

In September 2008, I departed for 10 months in Malawi as a Fulbright fellow.  Affiliated with Bunda College of Agriculture, I am conducting an independent research project on the effects of donor aid on smallholder crop diversification.  My academic interests are not limited to this question, however, and I am also exploring questions of dietary diversification, value-chain development,  farmer organization, and Malawian agricultural policy.

An agriculturalist by birth, and a political scientist and sociologist by training, I have spent most of my relatively short career working with food and agriculture issues in the United States.  Though Malawi provides a completely different setting, pace, and cultural context, I am excited to apply my past work in this new place.  This blog, Malawi, Not Outer Space, is a partial record of my adventures.  It is so named because my mom, an eternal optimist but none too fond of the idea of me living in Africa for a year, once remarked, “Well, at least it’s not…outer space.”

When not talking to or about farmers and funders, I can be found (in Malawi) playing soccer, exploring the countryside, reading US news online, writing letters and short stories, agonizing about my indeterminate future, and playing with my puppy.  Additional hobbies in the US include cooking, outdoorsy activities, knitting, exploring cities, and spending too much time on the phone.

I’d love to know more about my readers; you can leave a reply or contact me directly at amyinmalawi@gmail.com.

Disclaimer:  This blog is a personal journal, and does not represent the views or stances of the United States government, the Department of State, or the Fulbright program.


2 Responses to “About Amy”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hi there:

    it’s quite interesting to read your blog, as I might leave my country to Malawi this year.

    How is life there? would like to know more.



  2. etkhonje Says:

    Your blog is absolutely interesting. I’m so glad that my home country of Malawi has allowed you to learn so much about yourself, and just life in general. That’s what traveling I guess does to people!! Good luck with the rest of the time in Malawi. I was last in Malawi about 11 or 12 years ago when I was 8 or 9. I think its the most beautiful country in the world!!


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