Calendar confusion

While everyone in the northern hemisphere has been celebrating summer solstice, we’ve just celebrated the shortest day of the year!  Because Malawi is chilly and winterish, I sometimes have to stop and think: what month is this?  Oh yeah, June.

Which means, of course, that it is also Father’s Day.  In my calendar confusion, I actually called my dad last week to wish him a happy Father’s Day…but I’ll do it again today.


On the prairie

This is me and my dad in 1986.  In a stunning bit of family photo oversight, I can’t seem to find a recent photo of us on my computer, at least not with Dad wearing his characteristic outfit.  (I have since ditched the bonnet.)   Since I’m sure he’d rather not have those stuffy jacket-and-tie photos from my graduation posted in a public place, I thought this was a good substitute.

My mom says, of this photo, “You’ve changed a lot since then, but so has Dad!”  Perhaps, but his fashion sense remains the same – and he may still have that very pair of overalls!  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


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