Dude update

As promised, here’s the update on the Dude.  He is growing (obviously) and is becoming marginally better behaved, which is to say, he listens once in a while instead of never.  He’s about the size of my parents’ dog, Libby, now; I’m not sure how much bigger he will get.

He has actually turned out to be a pretty good watchdog, and usually alerts my sleeping guard when there’s a car at the gate at night.  He is mostly nocturnal – sleeps all day, barks all night.  In fact, I had to wake him up for this photoshoot – he was sleeping in the ornamental grass around the garden.


Looking dignified

The Dude’s tricks remain largely the same:  he sits, he shakes, he jumps and jumps and jumps.  My housemate bought a ratty stuffed animal at the market, so the Dude now entertains himself by flinging it to and fro, running in circles, and pouncing on it from a far.  He’s quite energetic – except in this photo, where he looks a little harassed.




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  1. Rachel Says:

    OH sooo cute!

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