Luwawa Forest

This weekend, I went to another forest.  I know what you’re thinking:  for a country that struggles so much with deforestation, Malawi has a lot of forest-related retreats.  It’s true.

This forest (Luwawa) is particularly strange, however, in that it is entirely artificial.  British colonialists decided a pine forest might be nice, so they built a dam to provide water for the trees and planted acres of the Viphya plateau with seedlings.  Today, it looks oddly Canadian:  the rustic lodge sits among forested hills and overlooks a little lake.  The altitude (1650 M) is such that, at least in the cold season, it FEELS Canadian, too – chilly!

Canada, or Malawi?

Canada, or Malawi?

Though I wouldn’t call Luwawa a Malawi must-see, I did have a lovely weekend with a group of friends as we celebrated one birthday and one going-away.  One of the highlights was a sunset trek to a fire tower, which afforded fantastic views.



We made it to the top of the ridge in time to eat chocolate cake (made by yours truly) and enjoy the sunset as fog rolled across the valley.




...and chocolate cake. Is there a better combination?

After a nice forest weekend, however, I came home with the flu/food poisoning, as did two other people who were on the trip.  (It wasn’t the cake, I promise!)  I’m feeling better now, but the first few days of this week were a complete wash.  I haven’t spent that much of the day in bed since the great mono fiasco of 2006…at least this time I don’t have finals!


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  1. Nancy M Says:

    Yes, and here I am in SWIA checking yearbook pages, going through several years (decades) of accumulated papers, samples, catalogs, negatives, etc. and waiting on the remainder of my yearbook staff to decide they need to finish Prom, graduation, football (yes, it’s a fall sport!), track, cheerleading and golf pages. Every year I say this isn’t going to happen, but . . .

    Loved the photos–sunset, fog and finger licking good chocolate cake party.

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