Back in Malawi

After a four-day safari in Zambia, Chris headed back to the States on Monday.  I’m trying to get back to the grindstone, but so far have mainly been running errands and taking care of 7000 little things that were waiting on my to-do list.  Unfortunately, I’ve also been having difficulties with computer – both the internet and some virus I have contracted – so currently cannot upload many photos of the animals we saw on safari.

Though the list is not nearly as impressive as the photos, we saw:  hippo, elephant, zebra, hyena, civet, python, giraffe, impala, buffalo, kudu, bushback, warthog, fish eagles, and lots of birds.  Sadly, there were no cats; though our guide thought we were close to a leopard one morning, we didn’t actually see it.  The safari was still fun, though, and the elephants were awesome.

We stayed in a permanent camp on the banks of the Luangwa River, which is a favorite grazing ground for hippos.  One morning, I awoke at 2 AM to smacking sounds – the hippo was chowing down right outside our tent!  Because we went with an organized tour, two game drives were included each day – from 6-10 AM and from 4-8 PM.  It was a lot of time in the back of a jeep, but we saw some pretty awesome sights, including:






Awesome elephant!


Yawning hippo

We saw a lot of impala, but the light was particularly nice on this one.

Other safaris! (Doesn't this look like a diorama?)


One Response to “Back in Malawi”

  1. LoveLetters2anAmericanSoldier Says:

    Oh these pictures are fantastic!
    Good lord, I think you’ve got a knack for photography Amy!!

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