Lake recap

I’m not really a water person. Having grown up in a landlocked state where trips to the pool were generally confined to two weeks of swimming lessons every summer, I prefer breath-taking landscapes to endless ocean blue.  But there’s no denying that Lake Malawi is a beautiful place.

Lake Malawi vista

Lake Malawi vista

Chris arrived without incident (and bearing supplies from the outside world), and we puttered around Lilongwe Friday evening.  On Saturday, we hit the road to spend the weekend at Cape Maclear, which was, for Easter weekend, basically an outpost of Lilongwe.  The last hour of the 3 hour drive to Cape Mac is pretty harrowing in a sedan, as it involves a dirt road that seems not to have ever encountered a road grader.  But once we arrived, it was a great place to relax and enjoy views like this:

View at Otter Point

View at Otter Point

We enjoyed tasty food, good friends, mediocre music, great snorkeling with the Malawi cichlids, beach time, and sunsets over the water.

Sundowner boat cruise

Sundowner boat cruise

Though Cape Mac is a popular weekend location, the camps, backpackers, and resorts are strung out through a series of villages.  Vacationers mix with locals, who live life along the lake as usual.  It’s not unusual to see people bathing, washing dishes, and doing laundry in the lake.  As Chris remarked, it’s a mix of “resort Africa” and “real Africa.”

Life along Lake Malawi

Life along Lake Malawi

Now we’re back in Lilongwe for a day before departing for some game viewing in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.  Keep your fingers crossed for some lion sightings!


2 Responses to “Lake recap”

  1. Ken Says:

    nice photos, i am still preparing my trip to malawi 2H 2009,

  2. Rachel Says:

    Lion sightings? You are asking for it. Scary!!!!

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