Happy Easter!

Today is a public holiday in Malawi, and indeed, it seems that everyone is already on vacation.  Since Monday is also a holiday, this is a popular travel weekend for many expats; I don’t think I know anyone who isn’t fleeing Lilongwe for at least part of the weekend.  My visitor, Chris, arrives in a little over an hour, and at this point I have given up any illusions of finishing any more work today.

Though I’m looking forward to a holiday, the seasons still leave me discombobulated.  This morning dawned chilly and gray, and felt more like Thanksgiving than Easter!  Adding to my seasonal confusion, these poinsettia-like flowers have started blooming in my yard.

Poinsettia bush?

Poinsettia bush?

One of the great things about living in Africa is that there’s always something blooming.  I suppose the same is true of more tropical climes around the world, but since I’ve only ever lived in temperate zones, this is exciting to me!  When I arrived, it was the jacarandas (the purple trees), then the fire trees (red), and now, the acacias (yellow).

Poor photo of an acacia tree

Poor photo of an acacia tree

I do apologize for the short post this week.  I actually witnessed some pretty interesting political demonstrations on Wednesday (Malawi’s presidential election is coming up in May), but wasn’t carrying my camera.  What you missed:  some of the nicest vehicles I’ve seen in Malawi carrying legions of screaming members of the DPP, all wearing Bingu wa Mutharika’s face plastered on their t-shirts and chitenges.  I got stuck in traffic not once, but twice, for the motorcade.  Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to snap a few photos!

Barring unforseen circumstances, this will probably be my last post until sometime early next week.  Happy Easter to you and yours!


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