The Weather (I know – bo-ring)

It could be because I’m from Iowa.  (Don’t like the weather?  Wait a minute; it’ll change.)  It could be because I’m from a long line of farmers.  (My parents each have their own rain gauge, and they compare measurements with one another, neighbors, and my grandma, whose house can be seen from mine.)  Whatever the reason, I rarely receive an email from a family member that doesn’t include at least a sentence or two about the weather.  So, with apologies to my coastal friends who could not care less, here is the Malawi weather report.

For most of the time I’ve been here, it has been hot.  In September and October, it was hot and dry.  In November, it was hotter and drier.  In December, the rains started, so it was hot and humid.  January – March continued in much the same tropical manner, warm days punctuated by sudden and torrential downpours.  Since it has turned spring in the Northern hemisphere, though, it has slowly but surely started to become fall here in Malawi.  The nights are cool; I’ve started using a blanket on my bed.  I often wear a fleece jacket for a few hours in the morning.  I’m having a friend bring me some warmer clothes when he comes to visit in a few weeks.

This change o’ season is causing a little cognitive dissonance for me.  Christmas was hot and now Easter is going to be cold?  When I arrived (winter here), the weather here was pretty similar to what I had left behind in the States, so I wasn’t really expecting this chillier weather.  Of course, it is a testament to my new-found tropical wimpiness that I am calling lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s “cold.”  We won’t have snow here, but apparently there is a chance of frost during some parts of the cold season.

The days are getting noticeably shorter, too;  the sun is gone by 6 PM.  We never had really long days here – the latest it got dark was 6:45 or so – so I’m hoping this means we won’t have really short ones, either.  Interestingly, we have the same nice fall light here as in the States.  The sun is a little more mellow and everything turns a nice shade of gold around 4 PM.  I’ll try to take some photos to post later today!


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