How to play the piano in Malawi (in just 15 easy steps)!

A tutorial

Step 1: Determine that you wish to play the piano in Malawi.

Step 2: Attempt to find a piano in Malawi, fail.

Step 3: Order a German piano from China, via South Africa.

Step 4: Wait.  (Three months elapse.)

Step 5: Learn that piano has reached South Africa.  Continue to wait, just three more weeks!

Step 6: Learn that the transporter has left South Africa.  Wait one week.

Step 7: Confirm with transporter that he will arrive at 9 AM, piano in tow.  Wait.

Step 8: Around 4 PM, welcome transporter and piano to Lilongwe.

Step 9: Observe that transport truck is 5 feet off the ground, has no ramp.  Eye piano box suspiciously.

Step 10: Round up +/- 10 Malawian men to help with the lifting.  Do not be concerned about lack of helping hands:  there are always many people wandering the streets.

Step 11: Reassess situation.  Begin to scoot piano out of truck, a few inches at a time.

Step 12: Lift piano to ground, while everyone shouts a chorus of “pangono, pangono!” (which means slowly, or little by little, in Chichewa).

Step 13: Carry piano into the house, a few inches at a time.

Step 14: Uncrate piano.  Pay all who helped lift 500 kwacha.

Step 15: Sit down and play the piano!

For further information, see illustrations below.

Piano 1

Step 9

Piano 2

Step 11

Piano 3

Step 12

Piano 4

Step 13

Step 15


3 Responses to “How to play the piano in Malawi (in just 15 easy steps)!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Are you serious?! Who ordered a piano to Milawi? I take it one of your housemates? This is very interesting. Sounds like quite the adventure.

  2. Nancy M Says:

    Did I miss something in an earlier blog? Quite the operation. Pretty piano. How’s it sound after its travels?

  3. LoveLetterstoMiddleEast Says:

    Oh my goodness!
    So who’s piano is this? Have you taken up piano then?
    Where will it go when you’re gone?

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