Merry Christmas to me!

Christmas has come to Malawi, albeit somewhat late. I received two packages in the mail today, both full of beautifully wrapped presents.

No worse for the trans-Atlantic trip

No worse for the trans-Atlantic trip

The first package was from my mom and I was quite impressed with the sheer quantity of items she managed to pack into the flat rate priority mail box.  My package contained:  a travel Scrabble game, an array of granola bars, Earl Grey tea, four candy canes, two puzzle books, a toothbrush (just like in my stocking), a Mad Libs game and stuffed snowman (from my aunt), several different herbs and spices (including rosemary, garlic powder, cumin, and chives), a pack of cards, lots of dried apples, and a 2009 planner.  There was also a hefty block of fudge, which did not survive two months of darkness without a little mold growth, but I salvaged most of it.



The second package, from my friend Marc (of Seraphemera Books) was full of…books.  All individually wrapped in shiny red paper, the 14 books are an eclectic assortment ranging from serious (Toni Morrison, Cormac McCarthy) to classic (Charlotte’s Web, Far Side) to downright silly.  My friend Nate is currently performing dramatic readings from a book entitled Very Bad Poetry.



The best Mad Libs sentence so far came from a meeting of “The Christmas Pageant” and current events:  We decorate Washington DC with snow-Obamas and red and green Bidens. Indeed.  All in all, a lovely – if somewhat belated – Christmas.




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