Cake fail

AmyinMalawi again apologizes for the lack of updates this week.

Chalk it up the fact that I actually spent most of the week running around to various offices, administering surveys, and interviewing information sources.  Though my week was fairly busy, it wasn’t terribly interesting for you, the reader, so let’s talk about another culinary adventure.

Today is my birthday.  Since my mom is too far away to bake a cake for me, I decided to make one myself.  I enlisted the assistance of Nate, a friend visiting Malawi for a week, in this endeavor.  Armed with only metric measuring instruments and recipes in need of modification, we produced a cake that, well, will probably taste okay.  But if it were in a beauty pageant, it would probably win the best personality award.

The problem, really, was not the cake.  (That is chocolate, reasonably moist, and if morsels prove accurate, pretty tasty.)  It wasn’t even the fact that we had to perform minor surgery to transfer the cake to the plate (oops),  or that we made up the filling as we went along (caramel, coconut, and pecans – it’s like an inside out German chocolate cake).  The problem was the frosting.  I was unable to obtain confectioners’ sugar, and really couldn’t make fluffy frosting without a mixer to cream the butter.  Enter cooked frosting, which is basically like fudge but boiled for less time.  Note to the enterprising reader:  cooked frosting doesn’t really spread well on a layer cake.  The cake ended with a thick layer of fudge on the top – but only some artistic drips down the sides.  We shall call it: modern art.

Here I am, looking like a 4-H kid about to get a red ribbon:

Red ribbon cake!

Red ribbon cake!


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One Response to “Cake fail”

  1. Kaitlin Says:

    Dude– why does your oven/stove have so many knobs?

    Also– I think your cake is super cute!

    Happy Birthday!
    (Seth’s sister, who is in Israel on a 6-month stint is also celebrating a birthday today 🙂

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