Apt comparisons, and the previously promised monkey shots

As I was walking to campus this morning, there were several workers out and about raking leaves.

At Cornell, in late fall, the grounds crew collects the leaves.  With giant blowers and a big truck, they canvass the Arts Quad (and other quads, too) and make piles, then pick them up later.  (Sometimes they don’t pick them up until the next day, which provided endless fun for me and my friends.)  There are maybe 3 or so people working on each crew.

At Bunda, in late spring (now), the grounds crew collects the leaves.  Of the 10-or-so workers I passed (all working together), only one of them had a rake.  The others had smallish brooms, and were making piles in a manner that involved moving single leaves at a time.  I’m not sure what they do with the piles, because they weren’t to that point yet.

I’m not making judgments here, but I thought it was quite illustrative of the profound differences between the two institutions (Cornell with lots of petroleum-based horsepower and less manpower, Bunda with lots of manpower and rudimentary tools).

Though I’ve had a difficult time getting photos to upload, I did (finally) get the monkey photos from last week onto photobucket – so here you go.  Yes, this is in my yard.

Drinking the water

Drinking the water

More water fun

More water fun


2 Responses to “Apt comparisons, and the previously promised monkey shots”

  1. Linda Says:

    those monkeys remind me of Calvin for some reason – I think it’s their evil little grins. I, too, miss the Cornell leaf piles – so far I’m deeply unimpressed by the fall foliage in New York City, but maybe it’s too soon to judge.

  2. rachel Says:


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