A Brief Update and More Monkey Tales

Yesterday, I made a step forward:  I got access to the campus library, complete with its wireless internet network.  This means that I have a place to work now (before I was working in my room in the guest house), and that I don’t have to bug the American professor to use his office for all my email needs anymore.  So, while I still can’t Skype (it is a library, after all), I should be a little better at answering email – or at least I won’t be able to use not having the internet as an excuse.

The library pales in comparison to Cornell (but then, I hear most university libraries do), but it is a nice place to work.  It’s all one big, long building, with work spaces around the outside and the stacks in the middle.  It reminds me a little of the physics library at Cornell – it’s about that scale and vintage, I would guess.  I think the study spaces may fill up in the afternoons and evenings, but in the mornings there are few people around.

I also met yesterday with my supervising professor (briefly) and with the Vice Principal, who is analogous to the College Vice President in the States (I think).  The highlight of the day, however, was when I went back to the guest house in the afternoon.  The gardener was there watering the flowers, and the monkeys were out playing in the water spurting out of the leaky hose.  I took a few photos, but the internet refuses to upload them for your viewing pleasure.

A look at this morning’s New York Times says that the US is going to hell in a handbasket.  Thoughts?


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