Failed pioneering

I idolized Laura Ingalls Wilder as a child, and I used to think I could have been a pretty good pioneer.  I’m cool with candles, I can lift heavy things, and a sod house on the banks of plum creek wouldn’t necessarily be the end of the world.  It took me a while to realize what the deal breaker would have been – no hot water (and, you know, lack of a time travel machine).

Since I arrived, there hasn’t been hot water in the guest house.  Sure, you can heat it on the stove, and I do, but you can’t just turn on the tap for instant, warm gratification.  (For the record, I have perfected “showering” with a small tub of warmish water.  My secret  is using a glass, so as to emulate a shower with very inconsistent pressure.)  To be honest, it hasn’t been THAT bad, it just takes more effort and longer prep time than hopping into the shower at home.  The weather is pretty warm here, so there are worse things to do than stand around soaking wet.  I probably could have even done a cold shower, but memories of the boiler going out at Telluride…on the weekends…in the dead of winter…left me too traumatized to even think about it.

All of this is to say, I am pleased that the hot water heater is apparently back in commission, though I still have to turn it on before I shower and off after.  This being a recent development, I haven’t tried it to find out how long it takes to heat up, and if the test run while the electrician/plumber dude was here, I have extraordinarily low water pressure to look forward to, but: hot water!  I have hot water!  (I hope.)

The seasons are stuck in a funny place – the trees have bloomed as if it were spring, but nothing will really turn green until the rains start in October or November. As I gear up for my second summer – temperatures are in the high 80s and 90s here; the sunshine is endless – I can’t help but miss fall, crisp evenings, and the Ithaca Farmers Market when the apples are piled high and it’s just cool enough to need a jacket.   I think I may have been meant for a more temperate climate.


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2 Responses to “Failed pioneering”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Oh Amy! I am so envious! I love summer! You do realize, you could be in Minnesota where fall immediately flashes to negative temps and frozen lakes. I’d much rather be enjoying a 2nd summer…

  2. Linda Says:

    yeah, I think pioneering probably works best as a spectator sport. still, if you ever want to make a go of it, I’m your woman (though we should probably get a manfolk or two as well as some horses – I hear they come in handy).

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