Hi everyone!

Welcome to my Amy’s-leaving-the-hemisphere blog. As I’ll be in Malawi until July 2009, I’ll be using this blog to record what I learn, tell stories, make observations, and share my experiences with everyone at home.

A few guidelines:
1. This is your mother’s blog. Or rather, this is MY mother’s blog, which means if you want any details about the salacious, dangerous, or daring parts of my trip, you’ll have to email me.

2. I may sometimes have intermittent access to the internet and/or electricity. Please do not take any absences from the blog as indication of either my neglect or my imminent death.

3. Remember that this is only a small window into Malawian life based on my experiences. To get a broader understanding of the country, I encourage you to do some background research, read other blogs, etc.

4. I want to know what you think! Please feel free to leave messages and questions for me as well – just that comment button! If you do not have a blogger ID, you may comment anonymously (or include your name).

5. If you have feedback or comments, email me at (If you have a different email for me, you can probably use that, too.)

Thanks, and enjoy!


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