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June 20, 2008

I created this blog shortly after finding out I would be spending a year in Malawi. The day of discovery was a cloudy one, and I spied the manila envelope poking out of my mailbox before I even crossed the street in front of my house. The letter was horrifyingly short on details (congratulations, please complete and return this four-page health form), and so the strange state of limbo I had experience pre-award actually continued for another few months…until, well, just about now.

After orientation (and an unrelated whirlwind trip that followed it), with slightly more details under my belt, I felt like my first post was in order. If nothing else, a post seems like a good way to address some of my apprehensions, fears, and uncertainties by saying THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.

My to-do list is long, but I thought I should say, even to myself: this is really happening.